Book/Author Configuration

How to add new Author?

Follow below steps to add new author:

  • Goto Dokan Tab
  • Select Vendors options
  • Click on “Add New” option

Fill up necessary details and submit.


We display only the name and image of the author on the app.

Update Vendor info

Select Edit option from vendor list and update your vendor information.


How to add new Book?

Follow below steps to add new book:

  • Goto Products Tab
  • Select “Add New” option

Fill up necessary details and click on “Publish” option.



Must be select Simple product with "Virtual" and "Downloadable" option.

For other option, you can see default woocommerce plugin details.

How to select author for book?

For that, select the vendor option and select your author name which you are assigning to your book.

How to add Sample Book File?

On Book Details screen,

  • Select ‘Attributes’ option
  • Select ‘Custom product attribute’ option and click on add button
  • Enter name must be as “SampleFile”
  • Provide book url into

How to add paid/free book?

Select downloadable option and add your all book files.

Enable Download Book options.

To enable download book option. Follow below steps:

  • Goto WooCommerce menu
  • Select Settings options
  • Click on Products
  • Select Downloadable products
  • Check mark “Grant access to downloadable products after payment” and “Append a unique string to filename for security” options
  • Uncheck “Downloads require login” option
  • Also must be select “File download method ” as “Redirect only (Insecure)”.



Must be select options as mentioned above steps. If you don't follow those steps then book download option is not work on your app.

How to add a book in a particular section​

If you want to show books in You May Like,Deal Of the day, Featured Books, Categories in the Dashboard then follow this steps.

  • Open wp-admin
  • Select Products -> All Products
  • Click on Add New / Edit
  • Select checkbox for adding book in You May Like,Deal Of the day, Featured Books and display category in dashboard.
  • Click on Publish Button.