Frequently Asked Questions

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1) Patient, Doctor, Receptionist login issue after setup woocommerce.

Ans: You need to add following PHP code in currently active theme, In function.php

 add_filter( ‘woocommerce_prevent_admin_access’, ‘kivicare_agent_admin_access’, 20, 1 );
        function kivicare_agent_admin_access( $prevent_access ) {
        if( current_user_can(‘read’) ) $prevent_access = false;
        return $prevent_access;

2) How to book zoom appointment ?

Ans: You need to select telemed service at the time of appointment booking. 

3) Telemed service not visible in doctor’s service list at appointment booking ?

Ans: When doctor/clinic admin configure and enable zoom service from doctor detail page after that telemed service automatically added in doctor’s service list.

4) How Woocommerce payment works ?

Ans: Woocoomerce payment only works for telemed service. When patient login from his/her kivicare account. The patient will be redirected to the woocommerce cart page for payment with telemed charges.

5) Dashboard blank?

Ans: This is something directory permission issue. Kivicare setup will need to provide permission to wp-content/uploads/Kivicare_lang. At the mentioned path, all the language JSON files will be stored. After giving permission to mention the path you need to deactivate and activate the plugin again.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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