Book appointment widget ( New )

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shortcode:-  [kivicareBookAppointment]

You can add the “Book Appointment” section to your page. It’s really simple and intuitive. Just use [kivicareBookAppointment] shortcode anywhere on your page or post and it will generate a clean-look session that will allow your patient to book appointments. This new appointment widget is fully customizable with Clean design and Responsive.

Also, you can pass clinic id and doctor id to this shortcode. 

[kivicareBookAppointment clinic_id=1 doctor_id=3,10]

The Appointment Widget – URL Query String Parameters

The appointment widget now allows you to conveniently pre-select clinics, doctors, and services by using query string parameters in the URL. Here’s how you can use them:

Selecting clinic, doctor, or service individually:
You can also use the query string parameters individually to select the desired clinic, doctor, or service. Here are some examples:
– To select multiple clinics: ?clinic_id=1,2
– To select a clinic and multiple doctors: ?clinic_id=1&doctor_id=26,27
– To select a clinic, a specific doctor, and multiple services: ?clinic_id=1&doctor_id=26&service_id=4,5

Please note that these query string parameters are optional, and you can omit any parameter that is not applicable to your selection.

By using these query string parameters in the URL, you can enhance the user experience by pre-selecting clinics, doctors, and services in the appointment widget.

You can use the widget setting panel for customizing the booking widget.

Note: Widget Order is only available with kivicare pro.

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Book appointment widget ( New )

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