BIGGEST Graphs & Charts Addon for Elementor

Graphina is the best data visualization addon for Elementor. Integrate functional charts and graphs in the most meaningful way.

Make Your Data Come Alive

Free & Open Source
Several Chart Types
Highly Customizable

Customize using 100+ Options

Use our 100+ options to give a perfect visual treat to your data on your Elementor website
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Modern Approach Towards Data Visualization

Over 13+ unique charts styles with a cumulative 50+ variations. Easily adapts to your design system.
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Made for Elementor Websites

Sky is your limit now. Graphina let's you create a master piece for your website with Elementor
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Exclusive charts

Column Chart

Column charts are a good way to show change over time. Graphina helps you to display your Sales/Revenue insights and much more...
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Donut Chart

Donut charts work best to display data with a small number of categories. Graphina hepls you customize each data series and much more...
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Area Chart

Area charts are most commonly used to show overall trends in data. Graphina helps you to make it stacked, multi-line, and much more...
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Radar Chart

A radar chart is a visual interpretation of data bearing multiple dimensions. Graphina is perfect place to set your multi-radar and much more...
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Highly Customizable Chart Widgets

Loaded with powerful features to fulfill your data-visualization needs



Smooth Animations


Drop Shadow

Legend Positioning

Gradiant Setting

Pattern Setting

Grid Setting

XY Axis Setting

Marker Styles

Export Options

Graphina is Free Forever

Download and get your hands on most amazing and versatile Graphs and charts widget for Elementor