Getting Started (Build & Run)

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Follow below steps to build and run your application.

  • Download the project from CodeCanayon and unzip it
  • After unzipping the file, locate the mobile apps folder and open it to find two projects named “provider-handyman app” and “user app” respectively
  • If you want, you can copy both projects to a new location and then open any of them, in our case, we will be opening  the user app
  • Open Android Studio and click on the Open button
  • Locate the project you wish to start with and open the project.
  • First, enable dart support in the settings or by opening the main.dart file and looking for the “Enable Dart” option in the right corner. Click on that and dart will be enabled
  • After enabling, the Get Dependencies option will appear, click on it. (p.s. All files will be giving some error, after Get Dependencies, it will disappear automatically.)

If the errors persist, you must try one of the following two steps.

  1. Restart the Android Studio.
  2. Follow the following steps
    • Select Tools -> Flutter -> Flutter Clean
    • Select Tools -> Flutter -> Flutter Pub Get
    • Select Tools -> Flutter -> Flutter Upgrade
    • Select File -&gt invalid Caches / Restart
  • Connect the device to the computer or launch the emulator to run the project. Please run the project after connecting the device and wait for it to run in the device.
Great! You have successfully run your project!

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Getting Started (Build & Run)

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