Tools & Setup


Temporary change

Android Studio: 4.1.2
Flutter: 1.22.6

*Note: You have to wait until we support the app with the latest version. till then you can use Flutter version 1.22.6.

You have to downgrade the flutter version for now. The steps are below.
flutter downgrade
flutter doctor
  • To edit this project you must have Flutter and Dart installed and configured successfully on your computer.
  • Set up your editor – Install the Flutter and Dart plugins.
  • If you have got Android SDK installed and configured, to install Flutter you only need to:
    • Download Flutter SDK from official website and extract it.
    • Add path to previously extracted SDK to your PATH variable
    • Run flutter doctor tool to check if everything is configured correctly.
    • All above steps are mentioned here:

Basic Installation


Choose your Platform and follow steps to build and run application.