OneSignal Configuration

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Create a OneSignal Account

One Signal is used for send the push notification into mobile or web. for more detail about OneSignal Documentation.

if you have your own OneSignal then login and create a project. if you do not then register an account and create the project

Follow below steps

  1. Click in to New App/Website button.
  2. Enter the App/website name in AppName Field.
  3. Select one platform configure, for Example(iOS,Android,Web push).
  4. After Select Any One platform to configure. we can get Firebase Server Key and Firebase Sender Id. If you can select iOS platform then you can required the production Push Certificate.(.p12 Certificate) and then get Firebase server Key. Then Click on Save Button.
  5. After get Firebase Server key and Sender ID. Goto the firebase app and in left
    side you see Project overview and settings click on it and select Project Settings. and In Setting. select Cloud messaging. and Enter Server Key and Sender ID and at the end Click into Save Button.

Configure OneSignal on App

We have already added code for SDK and other configuration for oneSignal push notification. Then open constants.dart file and change your oneSignal app ID.
For Android and iOS:-

Follow instruction for OneSignal Configure Here.

Configure OneSignal on WP-Admin

Follow the below steps to set up in WP-Admin.

  1. Open WP-Admin.
  2. Select the App Option from the left side and Click on Notification.
  3. Add the details and click on save changes button.

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OneSignal Configuration

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