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How to Use Graphina-Forminator(Addon)

Important: For all form types that you want to create charts (form or poll) you will need to have submission data for those form types in the database. That means that you need to turn off the option “Disable store submissions in my database” on the Data Storage settings in the Forminator plugin. You will be able to save submissions in the database and then create a chart/table with graphina.

Create a page and click on edit with Elementor

after adding the widget on your page, click on the  chart and click on ‘Chart Data Options’

From Chart Data options select Forminator Addon options.

After selecting Forminator Addon a tab named “Forminator Section” will get enabled.

From the Forminator Section, you can select Forms or Polls.

Then, based on your selection you will be provided an option to select a form or poll.

When you select a form from the type you will need to select X-Axis Columns and Y-Axis Columns for your chart/table data. If the X-Y Axis columns don’t show just click on the Refresh button.

Now click on update and your chart/table is ready.

Realtime update data from Forminator form or poll with Ajax reload features

Click on the Chart data option

Enabled ajax reload and set Interval time(sec)

Chart data will get updated with the ajax call

Important:- Ajax Reload does not work with mixed and nested_column charts, Google charts 

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