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How to Implement View Restrictions in Graphina


“You know, people are drawn towards larger things out of curiosity and benefit of the doubt.

And this goes for everything. Imagine if you are a businessman and you have put all your data. But where you put it is not secured. God Forbid! But that data of yours has been stolen because everyone’s eyes were on you and on your success. 

And in those data, you will surely be having all of your information on how you go to success and how to maintain your lows for a minimum time. In the end, you need your data to be secured and you specifically can have access to it or your known ones with whom you have shared your User ID. 

How to use the view restriction functionality

There are multiple ways to set the view restriction for the chart. We can set view restrictions by setting the below options.

Below are the 3 ways to view restrictions in Graphina : 

  1. Limit Data for Logged-In Users 
  2. Password Protection
  3. Role-Based Restriction
  4. User ID Restriction

Restriction: Logged In User

User can see if he/she is logged in into the system. Otherwise, they see the alternate view set by the authorized person.

Restriction: Password Protected

User will see the content after he/she provide the correct password set by the authorized person.

Restriction: Role Base Access

Only selected role uses will able the see the content. Otherwise, User see the alternate content

User ID Restriction

As you have read above the “Role Based Access” is somewhat similar to “User ID Restriction”. The only difference you are going to find is that you can give access to the specific authorized person only. Selecting Username Based Access you will get this below message on your screen. 

You can select your users from the given dropbox and change the message of the authorised person from here. It helps you to give access to a specific person then sharing a complete group or various groups which can be more secured. 

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